Girls fastpitch travel softball association in Central NJ.


What is our policy on out of town players?

While we are based in West Windsor, we encourage players from both West Windsor and surrounding towns to join us. We have no specific requirements that any team have a minimum number of West Windsor residents and we have numerous players from outside of West Windsor on our teams today.   Non-West Windsor players on our rosters are treated no differently than West Windsor players on our rosters. What is our philosophy on playing time and competiveness?

We strive to reach a balance between fielding competitive teams and developing the skills of all of our players. We concede that this is not an easy balance to achieve. We do not want teams that consistently lose, but by the same token, our program is not about winning at any cost. We recognize that our players are young girls who will grow and learn over time and we strive to help every girl that earns a roster spot to reach her full potential as a fastpitch softball player.

We recognize that stronger players may want a team to play the strongest players at all times and that weaker players may desire more opportunities in games to participate and develop. Our program is not a ‘rec’ program and we do not guaranty minimum playing time. This balancing will mean that stronger players will play more innings and play ‘key’ positions more often. However, weaker players on our rosters will not be excluded from playing (but may play significantly less) and will have equal access to training and practices. It is our goal that through hard work, practice and attendance at training sessions, our weaker players will ‘earn’ more playing time.

All managers are strongly encouraged to have candid conversations with the parents of any player that the coach does not expect will have significant playing time as to avoid a mismatch of player and coach expectations. We acknowledge that we cannot be all things to all players, but we try our best to balance competition and player development to the best of our ability.

Finally, the safety of each player is non-negotiable. The top priority of our managers is the safety of every player and in no instance will winning a game trump this priority.