Girls fastpitch travel softball association in Central NJ.


Becoming a Witch….


In 2011, Thomas Musmanno and Bill Kramer, West Windsor residents and parents of girls who enjoyed playing softball, recognized there was a need for girls to have an opportunity to play softball at a more competitive level, while complimenting the local little league experience.   It was at this time that the non-profit 501 (C)3 Ninjas Fastpitch Girls Softball Association “Ninjas” was organized.


Over the years the Ninjas organization grew from 2-10u teams to fielding teams at the 8U through 18U level.  The reach became more than West Windsor and surrounding areas, but the mission didn’t waiver.  The organization wanted to give [West Windsor] girls the opportunity to continue to develop their skills and play at a more completive level.   


It was in 2016, a strategic alliance between the Witches Gold, led by Shawn Allen and [Jeff Milington] and Ninjas was formed.  This alliance allowed girls who wanted to continue to play and improve their skill the ability to do while also offering players the opportunity to follow a path to play in college.  With more than 90 players being recruited while playing for the Witches Gold, it’s track record of success in preparing players to play at the highest level was the perfect next step for player recruitment at Division I-III school.  This newly formed alliance was known as the Ninjas and Witches Fastpitch Softball Organization.


Through this alliance the mission still held strong.  The organization continued to utilized professional paid female athletes, hosted clinics and other trainers and added a college recruiter liaison to its mix of resources.  The college recruiter helps girls navigate the recruiting process, helps to engage college coaches and provides overall guidance to players that request this support.   


In 2018, the organization noticed a shift in recruiting younger players and had difficulty fielding teams but felt strongly about providing an opportunity for girls who wanted to play softball the ability to do so. And in 2020, another alliance was formed with the Robbinsville Rampage.  This alliance allowed for the younger Ninjas teams,10u and 12U, the ability to play softball.


Today there is excitement about the overall success of the original Ninjas program, the alliances made with the Witches Gold and Robbinsville Rampage and look forward to continued success as the newly named Witches Fastpitch Travel Organization.  


For more information about the Ninjas and Witches Fastpitch program, contact Tom Musmanno at