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West Windsor Ninjas Girls Softball Association 
Witches Fastpitch
Treasury Policies and Procedures
Effective: August 1, 2018


These policies apply to every team operated by the West Windsor Ninjas and Witches Girls Softball Association, with the exception of the Witches Gold program.  The West Windsor Ninjas and Witches are a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  As a result, there are strict requirements to ensure that the funds collected on behalf of the West Windsor Ninjas are compliant with the goals of a tax exempt organization.  The funds collected will be used solely for the benefit of providing a softball program for our members.  A key provision is that the organization must not be organized or operated for private interests or for the benefit of any one individual.  A conflict of interest policy that must be followed has been included in the bylaws to prevent such conflict from arising.  All compensation arrangements will be subject to the procedures outlined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Questions should be directed to the treasurer at  A request for 501 (c)(3) documentation should also be resent to 



The Treasurer is the only board member authorized to open bank accounts in the name of the organization or for the benefit of the teams operated by the organization.   All funds received by the organization or by any of its teams must be deposited only in authorized bank accounts.  The Treasurer can instruct any other officer to open a bank account in the name of the organization.  The board must be notified of any and all bank accounts opened in the name of the Ninjas or Witches.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for tracking all expenses related to the softball program.  Financial updates shall be provided to the Board of Trustees at each Board meeting. 


Fees and other program funds:

Funds collected, whether by member fees, sponsorships, fund raising efforts or other means approved by the Board of Trustees, are intended to be used solely for providing a softball program for our members.  Acceptable expenditures include things such as tournament fees, field maintenance or improvements, indoor space rentals, trainers, softball equipment, insurance, first aid supplies, uniforms and coaches attire.  No expenditures are permitted that would be inconsistent with the rules for a charitable organization under IRS Code 501c-3.     

The Board of Trustees will determine the fees to be paid by each team member for each season.  All fund raising, sponsorships or other means of raising funds for the Ninjas must be approved in advance by the Board of Trustees.



The treasurer shall be responsible for paying all expenses related to the operation of the softball program.  Team managers may not incur any expenses on behalf of the program without prior approval of the Treasurer. 

The treasurer shall be responsible for paying all manager/trainer fees.  If the trainer is to be paid based on hours, the team manager or parent administrator shall provide approval for the hours worked by that trainer.

For tournaments, each manager shall submit the provided form to request approval for the tournaments the team plans to participate in each season.  The form shall be reviewed and approved by members of the Board.  The Treasurer shall provide the checks needed to register for the approved tournaments.

Team managers may request reimbursement for other approved softball program expenses such as equipment or supplies by submitting an email request to the Treasurer at .  All requests should include details of the expense and a copy/photo of the receipt. 

Cash payments, such as umpire fees, should be paid by a manager, coach, parent or administrator directly and then a request for reimbursement shall be submitted to the Treasurer.  Whenever possible, receipts should be obtained to document cash transactions.  For fees such as umpire fees for which there is no receipt, the email requesting reimbursement should provide details of the expense.  For example, request to reimburse umpire fees paid at a tournament should include the date of the games, the number of games and the amount reimbursed.

All teams must strive to be as economical as possible while spending what is necessary to provide a top quality program.  Uniforms will be chosen by the board of trustees.  Teams do not have the authority to purchase different uniforms, supplemental equipment/attire or anything with the Ninjas or Witches name on it, without board approval.

Teams are required to have a first aid kit including ice packs, replacement first aid supplies, and a small tool kit for equipment repairs as needed throughout the season.



Any other refunds must also be approved in advance by the Treasurer. Generally, players who quit a team prior to the end of the season are not entitled to a refund.  In the case of serious illness or injury or other extenuating circumstance, the Treasurer and Board of Trustees may choose to waive this policy.